Did you know when you stand there,
Above the drain without a care.
Little old me, I’m down there,
Down the drain, in a pool of despair.

You threw me down there with the rain and the trash,
Mixing with the sewer and all of that.
When you fall down the drain,
You’re not allowed your heart,
Good job you stole that right at the start.

You used to tell me that I was the only one,
That I and you were destined to be as one.
Now all I know is that I wasn’t enough,
Perhaps all the statuses from my past became too much.

If only you stuck around and got to know me better,
You could have been mine and I could have been your shelter,
I know you had some bad stuff from your past as well,
We could have made heaven and destroyed each others hell.

But now as you walk past another drain,
In the tired old pouring rain,
Look down there and I know you’ll see,
Beneath the the rain and trash, is lonely old me.

You put me down there.

A poem by Thomas George (Tommy G)

Controlling My Identity

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

From age 8 to age now, my world just turned upside down,

The life I had loved became the life that I hate,

In this life, I could never compensate for…

The world that had let me go,

The world that ignores my sorrow,

The world that laughs at my funny broken bones,

How could it be that you can’t see what this wretched world is doing to me. Read the rest of this entry »

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One Day In My Life

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Poetry

One day in my life,
I’m gonna take you back to where it all began,
When I get better, you better watch out for the ghost of christmas past, he’s gonna haunt your house.

One day in my life,
I’m gonna take you back to when time began,
To when you began your role,
To when the stars lit up and then went out,
To when the darkness consumed my soul.

It’s because of you,
I have no doubt,
That one day, I’m gonna want out.
It’s because of you that I bear these scars, on my mind and my soul,
You put them there when you were not whole.
That’s why one day in my life,
I’m gonna forgive ya for all you’ve said and done,
For blowing out all the stars and my sun.

One day in this life,
One way or another,
We’re gonna be back together,
And that’s gonna be the one day in this life,
That I’m gonna get better, and I’m gonna show you my forever,
My painful forever,
So never say never,
To that one day in your life.

A poem by Thomas George

My Books

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Writing

Wax And Clouds

Coming In 2015!


Wax and Clouds are not magical, but the people or materials that mix with them can be.

Alex, a 17 year old boy dreams about candles. He finds clues that link him to a mysterious candle shop.
Willow discovers that her dad works for an organization that wants to kill a man that works in a candle shop.
Alex and Willow end up in the same place and end up befriending the candle shop owner, Mr Wick.
It soon becomes clear though, that they can’t trust him or each other, not until a cryptic riddle is solved.

More Info Coming Soon…


My Books.

The Forgotten Hero

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Stories, Writing
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He saved us. He saved us all from that kid that was running towards us with a backpack filled with explosives. The Afghan scum had trained and brainwashed this kid to give up his life to kill a mere 30 soldiers on convoy. The boy didn’t succeed. For some reason he shouted in an unknown language at us. He began to cry, as if we should feel sorry for his people. He took off his backpack and threw it as far away form us as he could. We figured that it must be a long range bomb. We all ducked as we waited for it to explode. As it hit the ground, it began to smoke. Our Sergeant ran from cover and onto unknown territory, towards the smoking backpack to detonate it. He nearly died out there, even though he was still a long distance from it to take his shot. The force of the explosion was enough to send him jolting to the ground. We ran up to him in the misty smoke, to find that he was OK. He smiled at us and we thanked him for saving our lives.
We had to leave the scene quickly, as a group of armed Afghan men were running in our direction. I picked up our sergeant and carried him over my shoulder until we reached on of our trucks. I then placed him in the back of it, as gently as possible. He was slightly wounded, but his injuries didn’t seem life threatening. We left and headed straight back to camp. Read the rest of this entry »

In 2010, I discovered a way of life that seemed to fit me. It was called Spirituality. It was a form of non religious spirituality. i would find myself meditating, spreading inspirational quotes and feeling good about the world. My favourite thing about this way of life was discovering songs that expressed how I felt.

In 2012 my faith in this way of life was challenged by a betrayal by one of my friends. It made my social anxiety increase even more than it had always been.

In 2013 a family break up destroyed all my faith in Spirituality. I now struggle to see any truth in the spiritual way of life whatsoever. I don’t even know whether to believe in the afterlife anymore. i began to suffer from a mild form of Depression that slowly got worse. Read the rest of this entry »

A New Year, A New Me For You To Accept

Posted: January 1, 2014 in My Life
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Dear My Loyal Friends,

You are probably getting bored of me saying that I am a new man every year. Year after year, I struggle to become who I want to be. Well this is the year it all changes.

When I was at school, I could never be who I wanted to be. I would have got bullied for liking things that I like, enjoying hobbies that I enjoy and being who I want to be. In the last 3years, I have really come out of my shell and opened up to the world about some of the things that make up me. I shared my love of writing, my obsessions over certain TV shows, and my strong commitment to raise awareness of equality for all, regardless of who they are.

Last year, I even started to open up about the state of my Mental Health. Some accepted me and supported me, others ignored me and blocked me from their lives. I am truly thankful for those that have stuck by me. I am not going to promise you that I am just going to be a better, well man overnight. It will take time for me to be truly happy, especially as i have now come to realise that I have never had true happiness about who I am. I am starting the long process of finding myself though. Read the rest of this entry »

“Your darkest day was not when you put an end to the Time War, Doctor. Your darkest day came much later than that. Do you remember, Doctor? Do you remember those 100 years? In those 100 years, you were no longer a director, a master of time and space. How could you be, without your TARDIS, your beloved blue box? You spent 100 of your Time lord years as something you feared most. You were no longer a traveler. You were now just a bystander, a companion to the most feared being in the universe. He was more feared than The Master himself. He was feared even more than you, Doctor. He was half Time Lord, half Human. His name, The Half-One.”

“And do you remember the day that you got your Tardis back? A sacrifice had to be made. On that day, you made a sacrifice that no one would have predicted. No being in the universe would have thought that you wanted your TARDIS back that much. You travelled through to a lost universe, through a part of reality that you didn’t even know existed for certain. You went there, and brought it back, Doctor. But you knew that it wouldn’t be the only thing that you would bring back. With your TARDIS, you brought back the planet once thought to contain your Tomb. You brought back Trenzalore. Trenzalore was never the place that your tomb would end up, it is the place that created it. Trenzalore is the place where the Doctor ends. After all 26 incarnations, his end is coming. Trenzalore’s return has brought back his ultimate fate. It has brought back his certain death, The Death Of The Doctor.”

I grew up thinking that it was normal to do what everybody else does. It was considered normal to leave school, get a job, meet a girl, get married, and have children. I even thought that this kind of lifestyle was for me. I dreamed of meeting the right girl, but I soon noticed that his wasn’t as easy for me to do than it is for everyone else. I am about to share a secret with you all. I have never been in a romantic relationship. At first this was due to rejection. The only chance I thought I had with anyone, happened in primary school. I defended a  girl who was getting bullied by some other school children. That whole lunchtime, we ran around playing, and even held hands.
The next time I saw that girl was in assembly. She was in the year below me. I smiled and waved at her. After a few nudges by her friends, she stuck her tongue out at me and laughed along with her friends. That humiliation was enough to put me off for the time being.
I never really gained any confidence after that. Girls would constantly mock me, and tell me how ugly I was, and how I looked like an alien. And my friends always mocked me for being a reject too. Not all of my friends did this, and those that did thought it was just harmless fun. But what you don’t understand as a bully, is that this happens pretty much everyday tot the kid you make fun of. If it doesn’t happen by that bully, it will happen by another one.
In primary school, I didn’t have many friends, and those I did have never spent much time with me. The closest thing to a best friend that I had in primary school, always liked to start fights with me. When I finally stood up for myself, I was the one that got in trouble for it. Read the rest of this entry »